24me – New Version is Out!

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We are happy to let you know about our new update, available today, that adds several new features and solves many issues reported by users.

Download it now, and here’s some of the new things you will get:

  • New Menu and Profile screens.
  • New location tab under tasks – you can now add location to tasks.
  • Creating lists under tasks is now much easier (example: grocery list). Go to the Notes tab of tasks and add the items one after the other.
  • More than 50 other performance improvements and bug fixes.

You’re more than welcome to visit our Facebook Page where we constantly share great tips and advice on being more productive, and also updates about our progress.

Other than that, we are happy to have 24me featured on Apple’s website as one of the leading apps for Apple Watch.

As always, we would be happy to hear back from you, so if you have any feedback, please reply in the comments below and let us know what you think.

Gilad Hertanu
Co-Founder & CEO

24me as an alternative to Sunrise Calendar

Last week, Sunrise officially announced that their calendar app will be removed from the app stores, and officially shut down the app and it will stop working all together on August 31st. This is truly sad news, especially because Sunrise was one of the first calendar apps to provide users with a better calendar experience. The very design oriented Sunrise team, was facing a challenging problem, and with a lot of attention to the details –  they managed to build a very beautiful and simplified calendar. As developers of a Calendar app ourselves, we truly appreciate the work and efforts the Sunrise team has done. Their product was unique and provided a great design and experience.

Calendar as a personal assistant

Calendars are an integral part of our lives. In the earliest times, human beings calculated time by observing the periods of light and darkness that alternated continuously. These days everyone is using a calendar, whether you are a busy individual, juggling a family with kids or just need to keep your head on top of things — a digital calendar is the solution. But there are several major problems with the current offering of calendars — most of them are just a digital representation of pen and paper. They are static, and don’t fit the current dynamic modern lifestyle. And usually — you need to work for your calendar and it doesn’t work for you. At times when people are overwhelmed with data, deal with way more things than they used to — there is a huge need for an assistant that will guide them throughout the day.

This is why we are focused on developing the best personal assistant experience. Since most of the data about time: like events, tasks and other related information relevant to the schedule, is based in calendars, we decided that building a personal assistant on top of a calendar would be the best way to save people time. As busy individuals ourselves we understand how demanding modern life is, and how difficult it is to juggle between your career and your family life. The concept behind 24me is to provide one place to manage your schedule, and to automatically complete your tasks and errands, and that sets 24me apart from other calendar apps.

As a team of geeks and designers, who think about every little element, we came up with 24me, and we have been named App Store Best of 2014’ by Apple.

Sunrise user? You’re welcome to use 24me

If you’re using Sunrise, you’re probably looking for an alternative calendar app. There are many calendar apps out there, but we believe 24me provides the best alternative and we will explain why:

One place for all your calendars, Tasks, Notes and Personal Accounts

Your events, tasks, notes and real life accounts all fully synced and appear on your calendar. No need to use multiple apps to get a sense of what’s happening next. 24me provides a very simple and organized way for you to navigate throughout the day.

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24me is also available for Apple Watch – and provides you with the best personal assistant experience on your wrist.

24me App with Apple Watch

Syncs with all your calendars

24me integrates to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more. No need to put usernames and passwords. Just login and it’s all set up for you. 24me provides Day view, List View and Month view, to you can choose the best way to use it.

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Automatically generates your Tasks and Reminders

Choose which accounts you would like to connect, and 24me will connect securely and remind you about upcoming bill payments from your service providers, special events of friends and family, financials, social networks, Reminders from your native Reminders app and many more.



Automatically completes Tasks and Errands

With a tap of a button you can: Pay bills, send gifts for events, post greetings, call, text and email.

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Share Together

Shares events, tasks, reminders and notes with your family and friends with real time sync between all participants.

Smart Alerts

Be there on Time

Alerting you about the right time to leave for your meetings based on traffic conditions. Provides you with street view of the target destination, and opens your default navigation app with the right address.


Heads up for tomorrow 

Agenda of meetings and to-do’s planned for the next day.

Weather alerts 

Don’t forget to take your umbrella. We are also the only calendar app to provide long term weather outlook so you can plan ahead events knowing what would be the weather in a few months.

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Upcoming Birthdays

Notifies you about birthdays of your dear friends, giving you the time to greet or send a gift.


Where do we go from here?

We are committed to building the best personal assistant experience and soon, we will introduce the new 24me – a concept that will take 24me a step further into the personal assistant experience and will boost people’s productivity to new amazing limits. 



the 24me team.




The Best Way To Say Happy Mother’s Day




Happy Mother’s Day to all the Super Women out there!

We at 24me know they are constantly running around to make sure that our lives are as easy as possible. With all the love they give us, it’s only fair that on this special day we give them a little something special in return.

Share your love to mom. Take a picture of your mom’s favorite recipe using 24me Notes, or any great moment taken with your mom which you can upload to your 24me Calendar. Share it with us using: “Celebrating #MothersDay with 24me”.

How To Do It:

1) Notes:

  • Go to the ‘Notes’ screen by tapping on the top bar.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.36.03 PM

  • Tap the “+” symbol located on the upper right corner .
  • Write your note, add an image, and press ‘Done’.

2) Calendar:

  • Switch from ‘Day View’ to ‘List View’ by tapping the menu bar on the left top. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.04.54 PM

  • Tap on the image icon located on the downward left corner.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.50.38 PM

  • Choose the image from the gallery, position and rotate it, and press ‘Done’.

Make your mom feel like the most special person! Celebrating #MothersDay with 24me.