Tips To Get You Started With 24me

24me is your smart personal assistant that unifies calendar, to-do list, notes and personal accounts. It helps you manage your schedule and keeps you on top of things: it automatically tells you what’s coming up next and provides with personalized notifications to keep you on top of things and saves time so you could focus on the things that matter most.

Here are a few tips to get you started with 24me and that will help you be more productive during your day.  

1. Calendar Views

To help you better navigate throughout the day, 24me has three different views for the calendar, so it will be easier for you to see the day in either List view, Day view or Month view. Here is how to do it:

Month View

You can see a full month view just by pulling the dates bar down and expand it into a full month from the top bar.


List View and Day View

List view is the default view of 24me once you download it from the App Store. List view mode enables to see all your events, tasks and notes outlined as a list.


To switch between List view to Day view simply tap on the menu bar (top left) and easily switch from list view to day view tapping on the top right of the menu.

img222 img3

If you switch to day view you will see your entire day on a calendar timeline. 24me presents each item in a different color: tasks in orange, notes in yellow, and meetings in blue.



2. How to add Calendar Account

24me syncs with any calendar account you have on your device, so if you want to add another calendar account simply go to your iPhone’s Settings app and then tap on: ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.


Tap on ‘Add Account’ option.



Select your account from the options below, and put your email and add the password associated with this account.


Once you set your account, go back to 24me, which is now synced automatically with your new account. 


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The Best Way To Say Happy Mother’s Day




Happy Mother’s Day to all the Super Women out there!

We at 24me know they are constantly running around to make sure that our lives are as easy as possible. With all the love they give us, it’s only fair that on this special day we give them a little something special in return.

Share your love to mom. Take a picture of your mom’s favorite recipe using 24me Notes, or any great moment taken with your mom which you can upload to your 24me Calendar. Share it with us using: “Celebrating #MothersDay with 24me”.

How To Do It:

1) Notes:

  • Go to the ‘Notes’ screen by tapping on the top bar.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.36.03 PM

  • Tap the “+” symbol located on the upper right corner .
  • Write your note, add an image, and press ‘Done’.

2) Calendar:

  • Switch from ‘Day View’ to ‘List View’ by tapping the menu bar on the left top. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 5.04.54 PM

  • Tap on the image icon located on the downward left corner.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.50.38 PM

  • Choose the image from the gallery, position and rotate it, and press ‘Done’.

Make your mom feel like the most special person! Celebrating #MothersDay with 24me.

24me Version 3.0 – Welcome iOS 8 and Smart Notes!



I am excited to announce 24me version 3 – our biggest update in the past year. This update includes an iOS 8 Widget, new design, and a great new addition – Smart Notes!

24me, being a unified app for all calendars, to-do’s, notes and personal accounts, arranges the schedule into one simple view that unifies all the different pieces – that you can see now on your  Today Widget.

The Smart Notes takes 24me to the next level allowing you to add your memos and notes and embed rich media such as videos and photos alongside your events, meetings and tasks – all in the same place – your calendar.  You can use notes in many ways: to take meeting minutes, to set a reminder with many details, or just to keep a simple diary – a memory that will reside on that day of your calendar.

We invested significant efforts to make our Notes experience as fun as possible.

Check out our video and be the first to try 24me version 3.0. If you like our new version, it would be great if you could leave your comments and reviews on the AppStore.


And to our Android friends – please check out 24me on Android (Beta).

As always, if you have any product feedback or recommendations, we would love to hear from you –


Gilad Hertanu
Co-Founder, CEO 24me | @my24me |


24me, Your Smart Personal Assistant, Just Got Promoted

The 24me team and I are thrilled about the recent launch of our newest feature, “Smart Alerts”!

With this new feature, 24me helps you even more with your daily routines in a way that a real personal assistant would. Designed to help people from all backgrounds and lifestyles prepare for what’s next, 24me Smart Alerts provide the right information and anticipates what users intends to do – ensuring that you are always on top of your schedule and avoiding procrastination.

Traffic Alerts tells you the right time to leave for your next meeting based on your location and  current traffic conditions.

Traffic Alert(final)

With Next Day and Today’s Agenda, 24me gives you a heads up about your schedule – including your meetings and tasks planned for tomorrow.

Tommorow Alert(final)

Special Events notifications will tell you about your friends’ birthdays ahead of time, allowing you to prepare and choose from greeting them on Facebook and sending a beautiful gift that will get there on time.

BD notification(final)


Smart Weather Alerts offer alerts on unusual weather conditions for the next day, so you’ll never get caught without your umbrella!

4 Weather alert

Other new features on this version include:

  • Someday Tasks – A group of tasks that holds all the tasks which don’t have a due date. This group can be dragged from one day to the other.
  • Email The Meeting Participants – New “Email All” button, allows sending all participants an email with one tap.
  • Text and Emails – Tasks that are text or email can now hold the text/email content on the “Notes”. Once tapping on the action button of that task, the notes are automatically populated into the body of the text/email.
  • Enhanced Invite Mechanism – it’s now easier than ever to invite your friends and colleagues to meetings, 24me lists the most recent contacts you email under “Recent” in the Invite tab.


Watch the tutorial video showing the new smart alerts, and download the newest version. Let us know what you think in the comments below!