24me Version 3.0 – Welcome iOS 8 and Smart Notes!



I am excited to announce 24me version 3 – our biggest update in the past year. This update includes an iOS 8 Widget, new design, and a great new addition – Smart Notes!

24me, being a unified app for all calendars, to-do’s, notes and personal accounts, arranges the schedule into one simple view that unifies all the different pieces – that you can see now on your  Today Widget.

The Smart Notes takes 24me to the next level allowing you to add your memos and notes and embed rich media such as videos and photos alongside your events, meetings and tasks – all in the same place – your calendar.  You can use notes in many ways: to take meeting minutes, to set a reminder with many details, or just to keep a simple diary – a memory that will reside on that day of your calendar.

We invested significant efforts to make our Notes experience as fun as possible.

Check out our video and be the first to try 24me version 3.0. If you like our new version, it would be great if you could leave your comments and reviews on the AppStore.


And to our Android friends – please check out 24me on Android (Beta).

As always, if you have any product feedback or recommendations, we would love to hear from you – support@twentyfour.me


Gilad Hertanu
Co-Founder, CEO 24me
www.twentyfour.me | @my24me | www.facebook.com/my24me