App Store Features 24me App Developers: Behind The App

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We are excited to share articles about 24me that were recently published on the App Store. We are humbled for this opportunity, given to us by Apple, to share our personal story. A story about parents, who decided to build a personal assistant to get life in order and be on top of things. 

We started 24me years ago as an automatic to-do list, which was revolutionary for those days in 2013… Since then, 24me has evolved into a one stop shop for managing everything related to the schedule: One place for all your calendars, to-do lists, notes and personalized reminders.

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As parents for young kids, we felt how challenging it can be to juggle work and family all together. That’s why every feature we added into 24me, has been thoughtfully crafted. Every functionality added to 24me came to existence out of a real life challenge we or our team had experienced. We created 24me with lots of love and attention to details, to help people like us be on top of things.

Today, 24me has grown to be so much more to so many different users worldwide. Our team is so proud to have millions of users using 24me as their own personal  assistant.

We are sharing the two articles about us, the founders of 24me, where you can find our personal story about how we grew the app:

This Couple can get you organized

Your 24/7 Personal Assistant


Are you thinking about creating a new business or venture? Do you find yourself thinking about how it’s like to work on your own app? Do you want to know more about how we started?

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