24me New Feature Spotlight: Recurring Tasks


One of the most requested features had arrived: Recurring Tasks. With this new functionality, you can now set how frequently tasks should repeat and 24me reminds when those tasks are due.
24me’s recurring tasks provide a solution for managing recurring to-do’s.


Here is how Recurring Tasks works:

Simply tap on the “Time” Attribute of a specific task:

Set Recurring Task


Set a due date,  due time, reminder time and the occurrence: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.


Recurring Tasks are marked with a small recurring icon on the main screen.


Swiping on a Recurring task prompts you to decide whether the swipe should apply to the entire series or only that task.

After setting a recurring task, all occurrences of the task are listed under their respective date. They have the same name, priority, labels and notes.


Enjoy 24me!

The 24me Team.




Import your Astrid tasks into 24me


Farewell Astrid…Wishing you a great future at Yahoo!

Recommended by Astrid team as one of  the applications that allow you to easily import your data –  24me is here to help!

In just three steps, you can import all your tasks directly into 24me.

Click here to watch our video on how to migrate your data.

Go to: http://www.twentyfour.me/astrid and keep being super productive!


The 24me team.

The New Era Of Productivity – 24me Now Adds In-App Micro-Gifting

July 3rd, 2013

24me Micro gifting - never miss a special event!



We are very excited to announce that 24me has recently released Version 1.5. This version includes a variety of new updates that make managing your life even easier through 24me.

Version 1.5 unveils Micro-Gifting, a tremendous breakthrough in the productivity world. Through Micro-Gifting, you can purchase real gifts for your friends and family straight through the App. Users will now have access to a new button called “Gift” and will be immediately directed to a virtual catalog. With a few taps, users can browse through an all-inclusive catalog of beautiful gifts, such as: flowers, chocolates, wines, greeting and gift cards to send to their friends and family for special events. At this time, gifts are only available to be sent to America.

Among other new features, our new Micro-Gifting approach contributes to the 24me mission of helping users auto-generate personal reminders and auto-complete different errands.

Gilad Hertanu, CEO of 24me, explains: “We are thrilled to release this new version of 24me. 24me 1.5 takes the next step in assisting its users in a whole other spectrum of life. Sending tangible gifts with a few quick taps is an innovative and incredible leap forward in the world of productivity.”

Other key updates in 24me version 1.5 include: Full Customer Support now in English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese, an added “Shortcut” Bar to help you quickly add tasks, new Push Notifications for Birthdays, and a Preview button that shows Task attribute details such as due date times, labels, number of people shared on a task, etc.

Watch our video and never miss an important event!

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