What St. Patrick’s Has To Do With Group Assignments

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to plan group projects?  I used to spend more time planning all of my group work than actually doing it.  That was before I discovered 24me and everything changed.  I now have a calendar that enables me to create, share, and discuss events in seconds rather than hours, and I can share tasks with my other group members so that each person knows exactly what part they need to do.


As I returned from midterms and spring break this week, I found myself needing to catch up on group work.  For all of my group meetings, the process is simple.  I create an event and invite my group members and post a note asking them what times are convenient for them.  After I receive enough feedback, I set the time and the event is automatically placed on our calendars.  Because the event is placed on everyone’s calendar, they will know if they are available instantly.


Just scheduling the meeting is not enough: we need to make sure that everyone is prepared and has done their part.  To do this, we can create and share tasks with each other.  I can even monitor my teammates’ progress by seeing if they have crossed the task off of their to-do list as completed.  For my teammate who is admittedly forgetful, I am able to add a reminder to his tasks.  24me definitely helped take the some of the stress out of this busy week.


Now on to some more fun stuff, my St. Patty’s Day Pregame.  24me is helpful for much more than just organizing schoolwork.  Here is a step-by-step breakdown of creating my event and the features 24me offers:


After naming the event, these are the options in the menu for the event.


I can pick a date and time…


Set the location…


Write a note with more information…


And finally, invite my friends…


If my friends don’t know how to find my apartment, they can click GO and use Waze, Google Maps, or Apple Maps to get there…


And now, the event is on all of our calendars

calendar view

The post was written by Ross Gusler.


How 24me Saved Me From My Mother’s Rage


Prior to this year I never had to worry about missing a meeting, doctor’s appointment, or important family birthday. Mom would take care of it all for. But time flies and now that I am a student at the University of Michigan, all of these are harder to remember but just as important. No longer can I stare at the large family calendar in the kitchen to know what each day holds, and no longer can I rely on my mother to give me friendly reminders of what I need to do each day to avoid missing important events.

College life is so hectic, and with the rigorous course work and large social scene, my mind can be very forgetful. To help combat this, I rely on 24me. Between the reminders and checklists, 24me has become my actual savior, and the most evident example of this occurred just the other day when I almost forgot about my mother’s birthday.

Luckily, I was reminded of mom’s birthday two days in advance because of 24me, and upon receiving my reminder, I bought her a gift from the “send a gift” option that is within the app itself. Today, I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday, but before I could even wish her a happy birthday she was raving about the gorgeous flowers I had sent to her.

24me saved me from my mother’s rage, and made it so much easier for me to be involved in celebrating my mother’s birthday despite being far away from home.


The post was written by Zach Levin, A student at Michigan University.

Zach Levin