Back-to-School with 24me

Summer is almost over. We are sure you made the most out of your vacation, and got some great energy to start the new academic year. Back to school is right around the corner, and this is a great opportunity to get ready for the new year like a pro, and be on top of your schedules, classes, assignments and your social activities. 

Managing time is key for stress-free life. Being on top of things helps you complete tasks thoroughly and stay focused. 24me can help you manage your life throughout your time at school. It holds all your schedules, assignments, to-do lists and notes in one place  and allows you to dedicate the right time for the most important things in life. 24me is an all in one app, which provides calendars, to-do list, notes and personal reminders with lots of smart features that help, you won’t forget a thing and complete tasks on time. 

Here’s a step by step for how you can start the year off right, and get organized from beginning to end:

  1. Your schedule: before you start the academic year, we highly encourage you to put all your schedules on 24me. Take some time to see your curriculum, including where your classes are located, and put all your information into 24me’s calendar. You can create repeated events for classes and make sure to define the time for your reminders. Having all your schedule in place is a key for a great fresh start!
  1. Homework and assignments – usually when the year starts, each class has its own assignments and homework. The professors tend to send a list of assignments for the upcoming semester. We recommend that you put all assignments and homework as calendar events on 24me’s calendar. This way you are 100% aware of what’s coming up next, and can manage your time like a pro. We suggest you put the first reminder for an assignment at least two days before the due date, and on the day of submission as well. This is how you won’t leave anything to the last moment. 
  2. Time to study – Studying is an essential factor if you want to succeed in school. Our recommendation is to block time for studying. This will allow you to focus and procrastinate less, and make time for other things in life – like social events and hobbies. When things are on your calendar, the probability for making things right is much higher. Exam period can also be hectic, which is why we suggest planning ahead using 24me and organizing your schedule to ensure you have enough time to study for finals.
  3. Sports – A vital part of our lives is sports to ensure we stay healthy and active. However, typically during the school year, we get busy and begin to neglect our health and sports. This is where 24me comes in handy. Blocking off chunks of time catered for sports on your calendar can help immensely with sticking to your plans. 
  4. Social life – Balancing schools, sports and a social life is never easy, especially in college. With 24me you can plan ahead and put your upcoming sorority/frat events and gatherings in your schedule on 24me. It doesn’t stop there, we advise you to plan ahead with any event:school related, family and friends.
  5. Family – Family is very important, which is why holidays are crucial when you’re away at college, however going back home for Thanksgiving or Christmas can be hectic. Plan out your days and family gatherings using 24me. All your necessary information can be stored on 24me, for example your packing list for thanksgiving travel. In addition to that, you can keep your Christmas gift shopping list hidden and locked on your 24me app
  6. Errands and tasks – Chores and errands can be tedious and boring, but we have to get them done. Write them down in your schedule to fully dedicate time for your chores. Instead of writing down the same chore every week (“Clean my room”), you can create repeated tasks on 24me, making it even easier to organize. Even grocery lists can be added to your bundle of activities on 24me. Tasks can also be sorted to different buckets of labels. See more info below under “Label Tasks”. 
  • Free style memos – 24me notes is a perfect solution to write down action items from a group assignment, which can be also shared with the members of the group. Everyone will be updated with what tasks they have to do for the project with this feature. Not only is it good for projects, but it’s also perfect for saving your favorite recipes and even keeping your treasured pictures and memories in place.

Special Features

There are lots of special features and capabilities in 24me which will help you stay organized and complete your stuff on time:

  1. Procrastination fighter  – Let’s face it, we all have some procrastination issues we need to work through. We’ve got your back! With 24me’s procrastination fighter feature, you’ll be able to tackle those procrastination issues head-on, and get your life back on track so that you can feel confident heading into the new school year. The procrastination fighter sends you notifications to let you know you have a free spot on your schedule, so you can complete your overdue tasks at that time.
  2. Agenda for today – 24me  sends a customized notification that reminds you of your tasks and events for the day. You can set the time you want to receive the notification. This is a perfect way to start the day and ensure you don’t forget anything. 
  3. Agenda for tomorrow – If you want to be a head of things, the ‘agenda for tomorrow’ is especially for you. 24me sends  a notification reminding you what events and tasks you have for tomorrow. You have the ability to change the time of receiving the notification. This is how you’ll keep yourself aware of events and task happening tomorrow and get ready for that ahead of time. 
  4. Completion button for tasks – The completion of tasks has never been easier. Creating a task with the words “call/text/email…” will automatically create a task that will be completed with the tap of a  button. For text or email tasks, you can even put the content of the text message or the email, schedule the time you want the reminder and when it pops, the text message or email will be sent with a tap on the task’s completion button.
  1. 24me keeper – Do you keep losing recipes, or forgetting to read articles? 24me Keeper allows you to save any article or recipe you’d like and even schedule a time to read it. That way, you’ll never forget to read another article for class again. 
  2. Label tasks – Having many tasks can be overwhelming, which is why we created in app labels. This allows you to label different tasks, for example, exam/homework/project etc. which gives you the ability to easily distinguish between the categories. 
  1. Widgets – To make 24me even more convenient, you can add 24me to your widgets. This allows you to be more efficient and makes viewing your to-do list so much easier. 

With 24me you can plan out your schedule by blocking time for studying, sports practice, or hanging out with friends and family. And if something comes up at the last minute? No worries! Just add it in at the last minute — 24me will keep track of your schedule so nothing slips through the cracks. 24me is just like having your own personal assistant right on your phone, tablet and even laptop! 

Wishing you a successful academic year! ?‍??‍?

With Love ❤️

The 24me Team