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24me: Year In Review, 2017 And a Look Ahead: How To Keep 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

design-2711676 copy2017 has been productive, inspiring and full of achievements for all of us. In our mission to boost your productivity and make life simpler, we’ve relied on your feedback and reviews to make 24me even better. Our focus for 2017 was Customization and Ease of use – to let our users customize and use 24me as their personal assistant in the most convenient way possible. Additionally, due to high demand, we have put much effort into bringing 24me to international markets; 24me is now localized in 14 languages!

All this work has been included as part of a massive version update for 24me with many new additions which are available on the App Store for you to download

A new year is a promise for a fresh start. We will keep improving 24me in order to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. May 2018 be a super efficient year for you.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 2.58.24 PM

Watch 24me V official video


Here are our top 7 “Productivity Boosters” that users found helpful:

  • Support for LANDSCAPE mode for iPhone and iPad – you can now work with 24me in landscape mode across on all your iOS devices.

bigiPadLand Cropped


  • 5 unique calendar views – Just in time for getting organized and boosting productivity for 2018, with the 5 unique calendar views, you can choose between: Month, Week, 3-Days, Day and List views. It is now easier to see your schedule for the upcoming months, weeks, and days.

24me V5 animated gif

  • Collaboration with the top assistants – The new integrations with Amazon Alexa and Siri allow you to add tasks and events when you’re on-the-go or at home – all without opening the app.

Alexa 2 - AmazonTap_Charging

  • New Partnership – Users can now save more time by booking hotels anywhere around the globe with a single tap from 24me. This can be done by adding a new task for a planned trip, or by using the shortcut bar when adding a new item.

screenshots hotel

  • Hundreds of new gifts from top-selling vendors24me reminds you about important events in your life such as birthdays and special occasions, and enables you to purchase and send gifts through the app. In 2017 we’ve added more vendors to our in-app gift shop, where you can automatically send gifts to your family and friends. Gifts can be sent immediately or can scheduled to be sent on a specific day.
  • Time zone support – Our users who work globally have found this feature to be one of the most convenient features offered by 24me. Time Zone Support allows for scheduling meetings worldwide while choosing the relevant time zone.
  • Single touch task completion – (Still being highly rated by 24me users as one of the top time savers) – the task completion button allows users to complete tasks in one tap through the task itself, from the notification center, or via 24me’s widget.


We are committed to building the best personal assistant and our team is working hard to make 24me the best app to boost your productivity.

Wishing you and your families a happy new and productive 2018 ??


With Love,

The 24me team.

24me V – Our Biggest Version Yet!

24me V (Version 5) is our biggest update to date. It includes support for iPhone X, integration with Amazon Alexa and Siri so you won’t need to open the app to add reminders, New Partnership with Booking.com to book a hotel right from the calendar, Hundreds of new gifts from top selling vendors just in time for the holiday season, and last but not least, some of our most requested features – support for landscape mode, new calendar views: Day, List, 3-days, Week, Month. Available for Apple Watch and localized to 14 different languages!
Watch the official video of 24me V

Watch the official video of 24me V


We are thrilled to introduce 24me V, our most anticipated and H U G E update to date, which is available now on the App Store for you to download.

We created 24me V to offer the best personal assistant experience. It includes more than 50 new unique features, crafted with a fresh design – just in time for getting organized and boosting productivity for 2018.

multiple devices yellow


Here’s What You Get When You Download 24me V:

  • 6 Unique Calendar Views – It’s finally here. You asked – and we delivered! 24me V includes support for 6 unique calendar views: Day, List, 3-days, Week, Month, and also full support for Landscape mode for iPhones and iPads. To switch between the views, tap on the button on the right hand side of the top bar, and choose the view you prefer.



24me V5 animated gif

ֿMultiple Calendar Views


  • Support for iPhone X – We are always happy to be among the first to support the latest technology from Apple. Enjoy using 24me V with the latest technology from Apple.

iPhone X week Landscape

  • Collaboration with the top assistants – This new version of 24me uses a unique integration with Amazon Alexa and Siri that will allow you to add tasks without even opening the app! With Alexa, you can simply say – “Alexa, open 24me and add a new list for Christmas” or “Add task to organize dinner tomorrow at 5pm”.

Alexa 2 - AmazonTap_Charging


  • New Partnerships – We’re always thinking how can we save you more time so you could stay focused, and concentrate on the things that matter most in your life. Today we are announcing new partnerships with a few partners, so you will be able to manage everything from one single platform without having to use multiple apps and services. Here are the new partnerships included in 24me V:

24me and booking banner2

    • 24me + Booking.com  – As of today, you can book a hotel anywhere around the globe with a single tap from 24me. This is a result of a new partnership with booking.com which makes your hotel booking experience much simpler. You can either add a new task for a planned trip, or use the shortcut bar when you’re adding a new item. 


screenshots hotel

Watch the video of booking a hotel with 24me

    • Gifts Marketplace – This holidays season – we have your back! No more last minute gift shopping. We have added hundreds of new beautiful gifts from top-selling vendors. You can now access the gifts catalog by adding a “gift” task, or tapping on the gift buttons added by 24me next to events that the assistant detected as “giftable”. The gifts marketplace is available in the U.S region. Watch the video of the gifts marketplace.


  • We added many other advanced new features into 24me. Here they are:
    • Time zone support – you can now schedule meetings worldwide and choose the relevant time zone.
    • Task Completion made easier – Complete your tasks right from the notification center and from 24me’s Widget.
    • Hello world – We are becoming more international. 24me V includes 14 different languages including Traditional Chinese.
    • Support for new iOS11 features – 24me V is available for Apple Watch, supports iOS11 with Drag and Drop, SiriKit Extension, StoreKit and Password autofill.


Update 24me and enjoy the the latest and greatest personal assistant.

As Always, we would love to hear your reviews and suggestions. Leave us your comments below and let us know what you think about 24me V.


With Love,

The 24me Team.


iOS 11 brings a new boost of productivity to 24me and Complete apps


iOS 11 sets a new standard for what is already the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It brings new features and interface changes that enhance both the iPhone and the iPad into the most powerful, personal, and intelligent devices they’ve ever been.

Towards the Apple event on September 12th, we are excited to share the news about our amazing updates to both 24me and Complete apps. Both are going to be one of the first apps to include some of the brand new features introduced by iOS 11 and WatchOS 4, once iOS 11 will be public.


When Two Assistants Collaborate

24me Smart Personal Assistant gets a boost of productivity now that it can talk with Apple’s Assistant, Siri. 24me brings all the power and elegance of a smart assistant which provides one place for your schedule: calendar, tasks, notes, personal accounts and iPhone Reminders. It creates a timeline of your personal schedule for the day, with personalized notifications about the things you care most. Like a real personal assistant, 24me helps you be more productive and efficient so you get more out of every moment.

With the new iOS 11, 24me can integrate with Siri, so you can get things done even more quickly and on the go using your voice.

Get 24me >

iOS Siri integraiton with iPhone White

Here are some of the examples of how you can utilize 24me as your assistant using Siri:

“Add a new task to buy milk using 24me…”

“Add a new meeting – Dinner with Ashley…”

“Add a new note, action items from the weekly team meeting, email Sam the updated files and send the PR team the pitch for press…”

Get The Latest Updates On The App Store:

All iOS 11 updates will be supported in both 24me and Complete apps the day of the release.

We advice you to check the App Store right after the announcement to see the great new features in 24me and Complete.


The 24me team.

Get 65% off 24me Premium – Special App Store Promotion!

banner with icons


Great News! We partnered with Apple to bring our users a 65% discount to 24me Premium. 

Enjoy this limited time offer and boost your productivity!

Get 24me  http://apple.co/2riv5Bs

Here are a few of the popular Premium features:


placeit (1) copy

Add tasks to 24me by sending your emails to:  task@twentyfour.me


inage with dog think font

Personalize your 24me: choose your own calendar photos, font size, label colors and notification sounds.


placeit - notification 24me

A stubborn, yet polite, ‘Nagging’ technology – to make sure your tasks are done.

Watch the Tutorial about 24me Premium:


Import your tasks from Wunderlist to 24me

The Wunderlist team was one of the pioneers in the productivity space, and they managed to build one of the best to do lists out there. Last month, Wunderlist officially announced that their app will be retired, and that there won’t be any new features brought to Wunderlist and Wunderlist Pro.
So if you’re looking for a Wunderlist alternative24me is here to help! 24me is used by millions of users worldwide, named by Apple ‘Best Of App Store’ and ranks as one of the top rated apps on the app Store. You can now migrate all your tasks and projects to 24me without losing any of your data. Read our blog which tells about the main functionalities in 24me.
Below are instructions on how to import your tasks from Wunderlist to 24me

How to import tasks from Wunderlist

  1. Open 24me Importer and click Yes in case you have a 24me account.
  2. Make sure you have your Wunderlist backup file ready (here are the instructions on how to do that).
  3. Enter your 24me‘s account details:
    • The email address you are using for your 24me account.
    • The password you’re using to log in to your 24me account.
  4. Upload your Wunderlist file (JSON file).
  5. And your’e Done! All The tasks you had in Wunderlist are now imported into 24me.
24me importer

Watch the video – import your tasks from Wunderlist to 24me

These are the main features you’ll find when you’ll start using 24me

One place for all your calendars, Tasks, Notes and Personal Accounts

Your events, tasks, notes and real life accounts all fully synced and appear on your calendar. No need to use multiple apps to get a sense of what’s happening next. 24me provides a very simple and organized way for you to navigate throughout the day.

unified 1 and 2

One Place for your Schedule: your calendars, tasks, notes and personal accounts


24me is also available for Apple Watch – and provides you with the best personal assistant experience on your wrist.

24me App with Apple Watch

24me for Apple Watch

Syncs with all your calendars, Multiple calendar views!

24me integrates to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more. No need to put usernames and passwords. Just login and it’s all set up for you. 24me provides multiple calendar views: Day view, List View and Month view, to you can choose the best way to use it.

multiple calendar views

Multiple calendar views


Automatically generates your Tasks and Reminders

Choose which accounts you would like to connect, and 24me will connect securely and remind you about upcoming bill payments from your service providers, special events of friends and family, financials, social networks, Reminders from your native Reminders app and many more.



Automatically completes Tasks and Errands

With a tap of a button you can: Pay bills, send gifts for events, post greetings, call, text and email.

24me microgifting animated gif white iPhone

Share Together

Shares events, tasks, reminders and notes with your family and friends with real time sync between all participants.

Smart Alerts

Be there on Time

Alerting you about the right time to leave for your meetings based on traffic conditions. Provides you with street view of the target destination, and opens your default navigation app with the right address.


Heads up for tomorrow 

Agenda of meetings and to-do’s planned for the next day.

Weather alerts 

Don’t forget to take your umbrella. We are also the only calendar app to provide long term weather outlook so you can plan ahead events knowing what would be the weather in a few months.

24me - WP - 21.5.15 - animated gif no silnet button

Upcoming Birthdays

Notifies you about birthdays of your dear friends, giving you the time to greet or send a gift.


What’s Next

We are committed to building the best personal assistant experience and always working to create the best personal assistant experience to boost people’s productivity to new amazing limits. Stay tuned to some great news coming up soon from 24me.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


The 24me team.

Forgot to send a Mother’s Day gift? Here’s How To do it in 3 seconds with 24me Assistant

Untitled design (6)

It’s Mother’s Day today, and we know you’ve been busy – life could be super hectic. So instead of going out and looking for something which won’t be useful for mom – 24me assistant can help you send a beautiful gift for mom easily and hassle free.

We’ve powered-up 24me‘s Gifts marketplace with some new instant gifts. Now you can easily access hundreds of gifts that can be sent by generating a new gift task in 24me. Gifts can be scheduled or sent immediately, no need to use shipping address – gifts are received once sent. 24me saves you the time for any last-minute gifts shopping.

You can send gifts from as little as $5.

Here is how do to it:

1. Open 24me’s calendar and tap on the Plus button to add a new item

2. Choose ‘Gift’ from the shortcut bar

3. Choose the recipient from your contacts or type in any name you’d like

4. A new gift task is added to your list with a gift button on its right side

add gift takflow

5. Tapping on the gift button will take you to 24me‘s gifts marketplace


6. Choose a category and select any gift you’d like!




7. Schedule the gift to be sent whenever you want or immediately. Gifts are received the moment they are sent.

Baby Shower g


8. complete the transaction with your credit card or Paypal account.

9. Watch our 1-minute video to see how 24me gifts works in action!

10. Sit down and relax!


Happy Mother’s Day!

The 24me team.

24me Logo

Introducing ‘Complete’ – a better way to manage your to-dos

Complete animated gif 2

We are excited to introduce Complete – a beautiful advanced to do list app, that is available today on the App store.

We created Complete to fix exactly what the other to-do lists got wrong. We built a product that incorporates everything that a to-do list should have, from integrations to outside resources like Amazon Alexa, and Apple Reminders, to advanced list management with one-tap completion buttons. It enables getting things done quickly and on the go. Complete takes advantage of the experience we gained in the past few years, developing 24me.

Complete is different than 24me because it focuses only on tasks, and provides the best solution in the market for those who are looking for a simple and intuitive way to manage daily tasks. It also includes many advanced task management features which are not included in the free version of 24me and provides the most advanced solution for tasks and list management. Here’s how we addressed the top three complaints related to existing to-do lists in the market:

  • Input — Complete makes it simpler to add tasks. It uses a unique integration to Amazon Alexa to add tasks by voice, without opening the app. You can also forward an email to Complete to have it appear as a task in your to do list.
  • Management and Priority — Building a robust mechanism of multiple reminders, nag alerts and priority management — so your tasks won’t be forgotten.
  • Output — Complete uses ‘Completion Buttons’ that allow you to complete tasks with one-tap right from the to-do list. It automates sending gifts, calling, texting and emailing right from the to-do list. It also shows weather forecast on the list so you can plan your tasks based on the forecast.

It has a unique concept of one-tap completion buttons – so sending gifts, calling, texting and emailing is automated from the to-do list. It also shows weather on the list so you can plan your tasks based on the forecast.

Complete app provides personalized reminders, advanced features for task management such as email to task, label management, sophisticated time management, reminders handling, task collaboration with a group of people, and more. It’s available for Apple Watch and localized to 13 different languages.
Alexa 2 - AmazonTap_Charging

Complete takes advantage of cutting edge technologies that emerge in the market. With the new integration to Amazon’s Alexa, it is possible to add tasks and lists by simply talking your thoughts out. Using Alexa, you can simply say things like “Create a new grocery list” and then list the items you need like, “2 Bananas, whole milk, 5 tomatoes…”. You can also add simple tasks by saying: “Add a task to set an appointment with the Doctor tomorrow at 2pm”.

Other great features that boost your productivity and were bundled in ‘Complete’ are the smart alerts – to keep you on top of things. Based on our experience we learned that users want to have a snapshot of what’s happening tomorrow, or today morning. Complete’s Smart alerts addresses that in a very elegant way.

No ttl - iPhone 7_screen__3 small

It enables to collaborate tasks with a group of people, so everyone are synced real time with the tasks and its items.

And of course – customization. You can color code labels, text size, reminder sounds and much more – to allow you flexibility to customize the way you want to work with your to do list.

No ttl - iPhone 7_screen__6small


Complete is available on the AppStore, and you can download it for free for limited time to celebrate the launch.


The 24me team.


7 Apps That Will Help You ‘Beat The Blues’ This Blue Monday

Blue Monday 2017 has arrived. Dubbed the “most depressing day of the year,” based on a pseudo-scientific calculation that by now we’ve broken our New Year’s resolutions, the biting cold winter weather arrived, finally…as did all those credit card statements from our Christmas shopping runs. Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem a lifetime ago, but may well have contributed to the way you’re feeling right now!

But hey, you didn’t make all those resolutions and have all those grand ideas that you’d really get to this year, just to quit cold turkey 2 weeks into the year. Besides.. there’s a long way to next year and you promised yourself this year is going to be different.

So how about you hunker down and ‘shake off those blues’ and keep going.

Here are 7 great apps to help you gain control over your life and would help you feel way better this Monday:

1. Better sleep 

Sleeping better doesn’t get away from our resolutions. Sleep Pillow Sounds is an app that offers an easier way to improve the quality of your sleep, weather it’s hard for you to fall asleep, if you know how your daily activities can affect the efficiency of your dream or just want to wake up refreshed and ready to run your day.  

sleep pillow sounds

2. Relax more:

We all have plenty of preoccupations every day, which makes us have a pretty stressful life. Many times, tranquility is difficult to get, but that is why technology is here to give us a hand. There are plenty of applications that can help us to relax, find mental peace, fight anxiety and stress. Calm is a meditation app that brings more clarity, peace and joy to your life.  


3. Eat healthier or start a diet:

One of the most common resolutions for the new year is always to lose weight and as we are still recuperating from the holiday celebrations, it makes it more important to consider about following a diet and eating healthier. Fooducate is a health and diet app, which functions like a weight loss coach for people that want to eat healthy.


4. Exercise more:


If there is a resolution that we always try to achieve year after year is the “I will start going to the gym”. It happens to all of us, paying the gym and go just a few times or don’t go at all. If this year you proposed yourself to stay fit but never throw that money to the trash, Sworkit can help you save that gym subscription. It provides personalised workouts, which can be done from home and can fit your schedule and goals. You can create an exercise plan depending on your fitness and your time.

5. Get organized:

Many of our New Year’s Resolutions don’t get anywhere because we don’t know how to organize ourselves adequately: nor our time, nor our objectives. Organization is what everybody needs in this hectic life. Is the key element to achieve our goals. 24me will help you getting things done by managing your calendar, to-do list, events, notes and reminders from your real life accounts  in one place. It will always make sure that you are on top of things.


6. Save money:

We all have the intention of saving money – little by little – so in case we wanted to break that piggy bank, we will find a little more than just some cents. The problem is that we never achieve it and the #1 reason is that we don’t control our expenses.  CoinKeeper is a really effective app that helps planify your spendings, in what you have spent, also it defines the unnecessary expenses and tells you how much will you have left.


7. Spend more time reading:  

Do you remember the last time you read a really good book?  Probably not, and it’s because we just can’t find the perfect time to do it. You don’t have an excuse anymore, now you can carry millions of books in your smartphone and catch up with the classic ones. Wattpad has endless choices of books to help you fulfill your resolution. You can also connect with your friends and authors in the application, write reviews and keep track of future books you would like to read.  Happy reading!     



Have a super productive 2017!

The team at 24me.


This post was written by Daniela Chaffer, Student at IDC and marketing intern at 24me.

Get Productive in 2017 with New Features and Languages




We just released a new version of 24me – download here. We heard your feedback and spent a lot of time improving our app, so it can be even more useful, convenient, and take your productivity to the next level.

This is the right time to get ready towards 2017. This new version of 24me is all about helping you keep your New Year’s Resolutions and boost your productivity.  So here’s what you get when you download the new version of 24me:


  • Email To Task: We know there are many tasks lying in your emails, and therefore creating tasks right from your inbox is a must! With the new version of 24me, all you have to do is forward the email you want to add as task to task@twentyfour.me, and it will be waiting for you right in your task list! (*available in 24me Premium package). 



  • Search Events: No need to go through your past events to find the one that you are looking for. A new ‘Search’ button is going to help you find any meeting, task or note that you need. You can search it either by location, or event name.


  • Custom Repeat:  A New option for calendar events! Customize the repeat duration of your events in a very simple way. For example: Meeting with Dan, repeat every 4 weeks, ending on May 28th. 



  • New Languages: こんにちは, שלום, مرحبا – We are happy to welcome Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew to our rapidly growing list of supported languages!


Wishing you and your families Happy Holidays! 

24me team.

24me for iOS 10 & watchOS 3



24me is now one of the first to include the brand new features introduced by iOS 10 and watchOS 3. These two are Apple’s newest system updates for the iPhone and Apple Watch, which are going to be available today.

The new update of 24me is already available on the App Store for you to download.


Here are the highlights of the new features for iOS 10 & watchOS 3:

  • Expanded Notifications: 3D Touch or Swipe on reminders to see a snippet of your day without opening the app.



  • Updated iOS 10 widget with a new ‘Add New Item’ button to add items quickly.
  • New 24me for Apple Watch: choose the complication you like, and put 24me right on your watch face.



Thank You,

The 24me Team.