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Import your tasks from Wunderlist to 24me

The Wunderlist team was one of the pioneers in the productivity space, and they managed to build one of the best to do lists out there. Last month, Wunderlist officially announced that their app will be retired, and that there won’t be any new features brought to Wunderlist and Wunderlist Pro.
So if you’re looking for a Wunderlist alternative24me is here to help! 24me is used by millions of users worldwide, named by Apple ‘Best Of App Store’ and ranks as one of the top rated apps on the app Store. You can now migrate all your tasks and projects to 24me without losing any of your data. Read our blog which tells about the main functionalities in 24me.
Below are instructions on how to import your tasks from Wunderlist to 24me

How to import tasks from Wunderlist

  1. Open 24me Importer and click Yes in case you have a 24me account.
  2. Make sure you have your Wunderlist backup file ready (here are the instructions on how to do that).
  3. Enter your 24me‘s account details:
    • The email address you are using for your 24me account.
    • The password you’re using to log in to your 24me account.
  4. Upload your Wunderlist file (JSON file).
  5. And your’e Done! All The tasks you had in Wunderlist are now imported into 24me.
24me importer

Watch the video – import your tasks from Wunderlist to 24me

These are the main features you’ll find when you’ll start using 24me

One place for all your calendars, Tasks, Notes and Personal Accounts

Your events, tasks, notes and real life accounts all fully synced and appear on your calendar. No need to use multiple apps to get a sense of what’s happening next. 24me provides a very simple and organized way for you to navigate throughout the day.

unified 1 and 2

One Place for your Schedule: your calendars, tasks, notes and personal accounts


24me is also available for Apple Watch – and provides you with the best personal assistant experience on your wrist.

24me App with Apple Watch

24me for Apple Watch

Syncs with all your calendars, Multiple calendar views!

24me integrates to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more. No need to put usernames and passwords. Just login and it’s all set up for you. 24me provides multiple calendar views: Day view, List View and Month view, to you can choose the best way to use it.

multiple calendar views

Multiple calendar views


Automatically generates your Tasks and Reminders

Choose which accounts you would like to connect, and 24me will connect securely and remind you about upcoming bill payments from your service providers, special events of friends and family, financials, social networks, Reminders from your native Reminders app and many more.



Automatically completes Tasks and Errands

With a tap of a button you can: Pay bills, send gifts for events, post greetings, call, text and email.

24me microgifting animated gif white iPhone

Share Together

Shares events, tasks, reminders and notes with your family and friends with real time sync between all participants.

Smart Alerts

Be there on Time

Alerting you about the right time to leave for your meetings based on traffic conditions. Provides you with street view of the target destination, and opens your default navigation app with the right address.


Heads up for tomorrow 

Agenda of meetings and to-do’s planned for the next day.

Weather alerts 

Don’t forget to take your umbrella. We are also the only calendar app to provide long term weather outlook so you can plan ahead events knowing what would be the weather in a few months.

24me - WP - 21.5.15 - animated gif no silnet button

Upcoming Birthdays

Notifies you about birthdays of your dear friends, giving you the time to greet or send a gift.


What’s Next

We are committed to building the best personal assistant experience and always working to create the best personal assistant experience to boost people’s productivity to new amazing limits. Stay tuned to some great news coming up soon from 24me.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


The 24me team.