Forgot to send a Mother’s Day gift? Here’s How To do it in 3 seconds with 24me Assistant

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It’s Mother’s Day today, and we know you’ve been busy – life could be super hectic. So instead of going out and looking for something which won’t be useful for mom – 24me assistant can help you send a beautiful gift for mom easily and hassle free.

We’ve powered-up 24me‘s Gifts marketplace with some new instant gifts. Now you can easily access hundreds of gifts that can be sent by generating a new gift task in 24me. Gifts can be scheduled or sent immediately, no need to use shipping address – gifts are received once sent. 24me saves you the time for any last-minute gifts shopping.

You can send gifts from as little as $5.

Here is how do to it:

1. Open 24me’s calendar and tap on the Plus button to add a new item

2. Choose ‘Gift’ from the shortcut bar

3. Choose the recipient from your contacts or type in any name you’d like

4. A new gift task is added to your list with a gift button on its right side

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5. Tapping on the gift button will take you to 24me‘s gifts marketplace


6. Choose a category and select any gift you’d like!




7. Schedule the gift to be sent whenever you want or immediately. Gifts are received the moment they are sent.

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8. complete the transaction with your credit card or Paypal account.

9. Watch our 1-minute video to see how 24me gifts works in action!

10. Sit down and relax!


Happy Mother’s Day!

The 24me team.

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