Get More Organized This Spring

It’s hard to believe that Spring is already here, summer is just around the corner… Not only has the weather warmed up, the flowers have bloomed and the grass is greener, but our brains are seeking for a refresh. Spring is the best time to reorganize things in life and avoid clutter. 

Research shows that focus helps increase productivity and organization is the key to a better quality of life. So if you are on the hunt for a better way to organize your life and schedule this spring, we highlighted our favorite 24me features, to help you stay on top of things and make this spring like no other

Adding Events, Tasks and Notes

The core of 24me is that everything is in one place: all your calendars, tasks, notes and personal reminders. Create and organize your notes, events and tasks on 24me. That way you can have everything organized in one place and fit your tasks right between your events. Stay organized and make spring time easier with 24me.

Add multiple labels for tasks

Labeling tasks helps in better organizing it to different topics. Since some tasks fall under multiple categories, with the latest updates of 24me you can classify a task under multiple labels. You can also choose to view tasks by labels, so that 24me sorts the tasks into the buckets of the labels names.

Multiple Labels

Nag Alerts

24me’s nag feature keeps nagging you (every 1 min, 2 min, etc.) to complete a task. Activate the nag feature to set a repetitive alert for a task you don’t want to forget.

24me Keeper

A new way to keep websites as tasks in 24me. Adding the power of 24me tasks to Keeper gives you the option to set a reminder for the right time to visit that website. Save your tips on spring cleaning, favorite recipes, articles about organization (like this one ?) and start using this feature!

Email To Tasks

We know there are many tasks lying in your emails, and therefore creating tasks right from your inbox is a must! With 24me, all you have to do is forward the email you want to add as a task to, and it will be waiting for you right in your task list! (*available with 24me Premium).

Procrastination Fighter

A smart algorithm that fights procrastination by learning the user’s behavior, looking for open slots in the calendar, and kicking butt by sending a notification with the right time to complete overdue tasks. 

Make time for the most important things in life, by organizing your schedule and being on top of things this spring. 

Please let us know what your favorite features are and which ones you found the most helpful! 

With Love ❤️

The 24me team.