When Are You Most Productive?


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Did you know that everyone is more productive at different hours? This is a problem everyone from Steve Jobs to Joe the Plumber has attempted to solve. Even though we still divide ourselves into morning people and night owls everybody feels most productive at different hours. Not only that, what is most surprising is that the hours we are most active have little to do with are sleeping habits or work hours. So, when are you really at your most productive? That’s a hard question to answer because the productivity times of differs from person to person.

What we do know is that you cannot add hours to the day and that it is important to recognize when you are at you most productive to take advantage of those hours. Luckily most people are able tell when they are at their most productive.

Still, it is true that some people are the paragon morning person or night owl yet, most people fall somewhere in between.  Now for all you night owls working the morning shift or early birds working the night shift there are ways to remain productive. One method is to do jumping jacks (other exercises are available) to help increase productivity and another is to schedule your day around your energy cycle. However, the best method is coffee, lots of coffee.

How about you? Leave us your comment below and tell us what time you feel the most productive.

Post was written by By Tommy Siedner, Marketing intern at 24me.


  • Elizabeth Rivera

    I would appreciate a few tips on detecting what’s my most productive time of day; the amount I’ve slept (and the amount of coffee) heavily influence how sharp I feel – but I’ve heard before this business of it’s being innate and as you say not governed by how much sleep/caffeine. I would appreciate knowing – I would happily rearrange my schedule in order to be more productive!

  • Tal solomon

    Most productive would be mid-morning. I’m with Elizabeth on wanting a few tips on detecting my most productive time/day. I’ll make sure and schedule important meetings accordingly.

  • my24me

    Thanks Tal and Elizabeth! That’s indeed our goal to help people be more productive and help with as many tasks and errands possible. Knowing when you are most productive is a key to self improvement and we are definitely going to help you with that. Stay tuned!

  • David Hailstones

    Hi 24me,

    very neat words about being productivity by Tommy, was a great discussion opened from my graduate students when I shared the article – opened up more discussions about – who leads change? A great little app by the way with big meaning, a good response and can feel a great future ahead.

    Is there an iPad & desktop planned in the future?

    All the best and happy holidays!



  • Bearhair

    Cute, but inaccurate & outdated. “The stimulatory effects of caffeine may be nothing more than an illusion, according to new research that shows there is no real benefit to be gained from the habitual morning cup of coffee.”

    • Liat Mordechay Hertanu

      Thanks for your comment! we will be happy to hear your two cents about when you find yourself productive – is it early am or late pm hours?