24me Version 2.0 is Available Now – Get Your Calendars And Tasks United!



We are excited to announce 24me Version 2.0 – Our Smart Calendar and Automatic Task Manager – UNITED!

24me Version 2.0 introduces a single place to manage all your calendars and tasks in a very simple and easy way. No more switching between different apps trying to understand what comes next. We believe that you deserve to have one place to organize everything about your schedule.

With a new clean design, you can enjoy the simplicity 24me offers.

Check out our video and be the first to try it out (100% free!)




New Calendar, Fully Integrated with the Automatic Task Manager (also syncs with iOS Reminders)

We believe that Tasks and Events should live in one place, giving you the ability to better control your schedule. You can see your tasks in your calendar, or switch to the “Task” view to see only your tasks. Tasks has a one-tap completion button allowing you to complete it is seconds. You can also sync your iOS Reminders, and your Outlook Tasks and get everything organized with 24me.



One Tap to Get Things Done

Get a full view of your meetings from your different calendars. All-day tasks and events are presented at the top. Tasks with due time will show up in the relevant time slot in your schedule. You can now Pay Bills, Outsource Errands, Send Gifts, Greet Friends, Navigate to your next meeting and much more – all with just a single tap.

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24me Will Tell You What’s Next

For every meeting you will see a map with your target destination with a street view, the time required for travel and navigation options. With one tap on the “Go” button, 24me will automatically activate your preferred navigation app (Google maps, Apple Maps or Waze), so you can navigate directly from your Calendar.





To learn more, check out the Tutorial of version 2.0 and see how you can get the best out of your 24me.

Thanks for using 24me!

The 24me team

  • AllieJoy

    Hi, what is your timing for getting 24Me available on the Mac to sync with my iPhone?

    Your friend who emails you enhancements and bugs,

    • my24me

      Mac (and other platforms) are on our plans. Please note that your events and meetings are synced to your calendar so if you use the same calendar on your phone and on your desktop email client it will be synced.
      And thanks for all the feedback!

      • C0bra05

        So glad they are on your plans/mind. I’ve been looking and almost leaning towards other apps to allow me the transition from iphone to mac but no other app is like this one.
        My favorite feature are the notes, even though I put in the tasks, I love writting notes about my day, but I struggle because the screen is so small i’d rather see it on a desktop!
        I love this app, and I never want to change. Patience is not my virtue, but I’m willing to wait

  • tomwjr

    Do you have any idea when the Android version will be available? Will you be looking for Alpha or Beta testers?

    • my24me

      This is coming soon. Already working on that.
      Please sign in to the Android wait list on our web site. We might contact you regarding Beta testing.

      • Anon A Mus

        Where on your web site is the sign-up? Are you referring to the “coming soon” link on your home page that wants a phone number?

        • my24me

          Yes. The registration page for the Android. If you click on the button you’ll get to that page.

  • aaron

    how do we sync tasks and calendar to and from outlook?

    • my24me

      Your meetings will be automatically synced if you calendar is connected to your iPhone.
      As for tasks, do you have an exchange server with an account that your iPhone is connected to? If so, make sure your tasks are synced with the native Reminders app. Then, you can link 24me to Reminders (My Links > My iPhone > Link Reminders), and all your reminders will be synced into 24me.

  • Crystal C

    any plans for a web version?

  • emisss

    Hi, any chance to link 24me with wunderlist? thanks!

    • my24me

      24me doesn’t sync directly with Wunderlist but it allows you to sync with the Apple Reminders app.

  • Anne Ferris

    what about syncing google calendar tasks?

    • my24me

      This is something we plan to add. 24me already supported a full sync with the Apple Reminders app.

  • Danielle Carey

    Any plans to make a desktop app version?

    • my24me

      Absolutely. And until it’s ready you can use any calendar app you’d like on your desktop computer and it will automatically sync with 24me.

  • Lee Si Mian

    Any plans for a desktop version?

    • my24me

      Yes. And until it’s ready you can use any calendar app you’d like on your desktop computer and it will automatically sync with 24me.

  • Nastasia Dusapin

    When will the desktop version be available? I also need to write my to do list on my computer. Awesome app !

    • my24me

      We don’t have a date yet, but this is high on our list. Until then, you can use any calendar app and it will sync events. For tasks, in case you use a Mac, you can use the Reminders app on your Mac and then sync Reminders with 24me. That will allow you to also manage your 24me tasks on your laptop/desktop.

      • Tonee P

        Hello and good morning. Thank you for your response. I was wondering if 24me was going to ever be compatible with Alexa?? Thank you for your timely response

        • my24me

          24me already works with Alexa. There is a 24me skill that you can use.