Get 65% off 24me Premium – Special App Store Promotion!

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Great News! We partnered with Apple to bring our users a 65% discount to 24me Premium. 

Enjoy this limited time offer and boost your productivity!

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Here are a few of the popular Premium features:


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Add tasks to 24me by sending your emails to:


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Personalize your 24me: choose your own calendar photos, font size, label colors and notification sounds.


placeit - notification 24me

A stubborn, yet polite, ‘Nagging’ technology – to make sure your tasks are done.

Watch the Tutorial about 24me Premium:


  • Rose Massey Brumbaugh

    I have enjoyed the free 24me app but there are features I would also like to use in the 24me premium. Today I received the offer for the $9.99 premium package, but I declined so I could view what the $9.99 package included. It wasn’t mentioned in my app and then I could not find where I could purchase it again. My question is what does the $9.99 mean? Is it a one time purchase for the $9.99 24me Premium features or is it $9.99 a year or something completely different?

    I tried to find a email address to contact someone directly however I was not able to. I really hope my question will be able to be answered here.

    Thank you,
    Happy 24me free user

    • my24me

      I am not sure which promotion you received, so what you can do is contact our support team ( They have all the details and can provide accurate info.

      • Rose Massey Brumbaugh

        Thank you for your help.

        • Rose Massey Brumbaugh

          I am really disappointed I still haven’t received a response from support since I would really like the 24me Premium app. Since I have not had a reply I was not able to purchase 24me Premium for $9.99 which was 65% off the normal fee. The only reason I didn’t purchase it when it popped up on my screen was because I didn’t know exactly what I was getting for the $9.99. It should be more clear especially if that is the only time you can make that purchase.

          Like I said previously, I really like this app, but I am liking it less due to the customer support and I have no way to contact someone except through this blog. I apologize for posting this here, but I have found no other way to communicate.

          • my24me

            Hi Rose,

            Did you write to our support? I asked them about this and they are not aware of any email by you. They are very responsive and help many users with any question or request sent.