Introducing ‘Complete’ – a better way to manage your to-dos

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We are excited to introduce Complete – a beautiful advanced to do list app, that is available today on the App store.

We created Complete to fix exactly what the other to-do lists got wrong. We built a product that incorporates everything that a to-do list should have, from integrations to outside resources like Amazon Alexa, and Apple Reminders, to advanced list management with one-tap completion buttons. It enables getting things done quickly and on the go. Complete takes advantage of the experience we gained in the past few years, developing 24me.

Complete is different than 24me because it focuses only on tasks, and provides the best solution in the market for those who are looking for a simple and intuitive way to manage daily tasks. It also includes many advanced task management features which are not included in the free version of 24me and provides the most advanced solution for tasks and list management. Here’s how we addressed the top three complaints related to existing to-do lists in the market:

  • Input — Complete makes it simpler to add tasks. It uses a unique integration to Amazon Alexa to add tasks by voice, without opening the app. You can also forward an email to Complete to have it appear as a task in your to do list.
  • Management and Priority — Building a robust mechanism of multiple reminders, nag alerts and priority management — so your tasks won’t be forgotten.
  • Output — Complete uses ‘Completion Buttons’ that allow you to complete tasks with one-tap right from the to-do list. It automates sending gifts, calling, texting and emailing right from the to-do list. It also shows weather forecast on the list so you can plan your tasks based on the forecast.

It has a unique concept of one-tap completion buttons – so sending gifts, calling, texting and emailing is automated from the to-do list. It also shows weather on the list so you can plan your tasks based on the forecast.

Complete app provides personalized reminders, advanced features for task management such as email to task, label management, sophisticated time management, reminders handling, task collaboration with a group of people, and more. It’s available for Apple Watch and localized to 13 different languages.
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Complete takes advantage of cutting edge technologies that emerge in the market. With the new integration to Amazon’s Alexa, it is possible to add tasks and lists by simply talking your thoughts out. Using Alexa, you can simply say things like “Create a new grocery list” and then list the items you need like, “2 Bananas, whole milk, 5 tomatoes…”. You can also add simple tasks by saying: “Add a task to set an appointment with the Doctor tomorrow at 2pm”.

Other great features that boost your productivity and were bundled in ‘Complete’ are the smart alerts – to keep you on top of things. Based on our experience we learned that users want to have a snapshot of what’s happening tomorrow, or today morning. Complete’s Smart alerts addresses that in a very elegant way.

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It enables to collaborate tasks with a group of people, so everyone are synced real time with the tasks and its items.

And of course – customization. You can color code labels, text size, reminder sounds and much more – to allow you flexibility to customize the way you want to work with your to do list.

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Complete is available on the AppStore, and you can download it for free for limited time to celebrate the launch.


The 24me team.


  • Wendi Thacker

    My husband and I use complete and love it for the most part. I have an Alexa question though. I used Alexa this AM to makes my grocery list. It was so easy and seemed to work great. Until I went into complete to look at the list. And found there wasn’t one! My husband checked his too. Nothing. So where did it go? Any tips would be awesome!

    • my24me

      At the end of the list, you need to tell Alexa something like “that’s it” or “end of list”. Alexa will then respond with “you list was added”.
      I would recommend to try to add a test list and see how it is added to your complete account. You need to say something like:
      “Alexa open Complete tasks”
      and then after Alexa responds say some thing like “add a new list”. Alexa will then ask you to list your items one by one.

  • Debbie Lacina Suchomel

    love love love this app. Is there a way to access from my laptop so I can type lists in/access from my computer?

    • my24me

      Thanks. Until a laptop version is ready, you can link the app with the Apple Reminders app to have full sync between the two. Then all your tasks will be listed in Reminders and you can access them also on your Mac laptop.

      • Allison @ The Book Wheel

        When will this be?

        • my24me

          Hi Allison, we don’t have a final date yet.

  • Frank the Tank

    Can items recur from original due date or completion date? Or just original due date?

    • my24me

      Recurrence is from the due date of the item.

  • diaryofsierra

    I LOVE this program. LOVE. I soooo want to be able to access this on my desktop. Am I missing where this is possible?

    • my24me

      Do you use a Mac or a PC?

      • Allison @ The Book Wheel

        I have a Mac and would love a desktop app, too.

        • my24me

          Working on that. But you can use any calendar app you’d like on your Mac and it will automatically sync your events. You can also use the Reminders app on your Mac to see your 24me tasks there and manage them there.

  • Jonathan Bilotta

    I downloaded and am starting to use the 24me app. Is Comolete going to be a part of the 24me app or can the 2 be life naked together? There are functions in both that are useful and I wish they were together in 1 app, not 2. I really like the “Nag” feature, but paying $4/mo. or $40/yr. isn’t exactly worth it just for the one function that is more useful than the rest.

    • my24me

      24me and Complete are two separate apps. 24me Pro has many Pro features other than ‘Nag alerts’.