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Top Applications that Every Intern Must Use

As summer begins, millions of college students put their textbooks away and replace them with leather-bound briefcases. After a series of comprehensive research, phone calls, and interviews, many of these young adults choose to move away from their home or college town and instead spend the summer in a new city. While this can be […]

Monthly Archives: July 2014

Plan Your Perfect July 4th Event

Do you feel that heat? Summer is finally upon us. As we enter July, the hectic process for your July 4th Independence Day event is underway with full speed planning. Whether you’re thinking about having a BBQ, watching fireworks, listening to good music, or enjoying the company of your loving friends and family, you must […]

Monthly Archives: July 2014

4 Parent Tips for Summer Sanity

School’s out… for summer! When kids hear this classic song, they’re filled with delight, as summer means over two months of endless water fights, play dates, and fun for them. Parents, on the other hand, may not have it just as easy. Two months of children out of school means busy parents have the stress […]