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We are happy to announce a huge update – 24me version 6. It is focused on ease of use and features new and enhanced calendar views, and multiple features to be more focused when working on your schedule!

We know your time matters, and that’s why we are always focused on creating the best personal assistant experience for you, so you could be more efficient by using 24me.

This is why we are so excited to introduce a huge version update: 24me – Version 6 which was just released. It includes more than 50 unique features focused on ease of use, providing you a perfect way to manage your schedule easily and hassle free!

Calendar - 3Days view with ply btn

Hereโ€™s What You Get When You Download 24me version 6:


  • Calendar events now show the invitees profile pictures.

Calendar - List view1


  • Enhanced Month view – allowing to deep dive into days

Month - deep dive into day view


  • Completely redesigned Day view, with a dynamically resizable dates bar, drag and drop events from the all day section to the timeline and vice versa.
  • Completely updated List view with a dynamically resizable dates bar.
  • Hundreds of new gifts from top-selling vendors, soย you can enjoy a better variety of gifts just in time for the wedding season, birthdays, baby showers and other special occasions.


Update 24meย and enjoy the latest and greatest personal assistant.

As Always, we would love to hear your reviews and suggestions. Leave us your comments below and let us know what you think aboutย the new version of 24me.



The 24me Team.



  • Christy

    I’ve never LOVED a calendar until 24me. Hoping you are pushing to get a desktop version out. Thank you <3

    • my24me

      We do. Thanks so much!

  • http://www.VenturesInInvesting.com Jerry Smith

    Can I access 24me online?

    • my24me

      This is something we plan to add. Until this is ready, you can use any calendar app online and it will automatically sync with 24me.

      • http://www.VenturesInInvesting.com Jerry Smith

        I already have my Google calendars linked to 24me. I really like the program but it’s just not easy to consistently be navigating around an iPhone Max screen vs my iMac 27″ screen. When do you expect to have either desktop or online browser applications available for 24me? I think I saw planning to add about a year ago. Can we narrow that down?

        • my24me

          We don’t have a final date yet. But you can freely use your Google calendar app on the your iMac to have a desktop support. All your changes will be synced to your iPhone automatically.

  • Rebecca

    I really like this software but I have one bugbear about an inefficiency. It takes a few clicks to complete a recurring task. Because we complete recurring task instances MANY more times than completing the series, it should take just one click to complete an instance, and several clicks (ie, you need to go into “edit” to complete the series). This would save a lot of our time as users. I also second the request for a desktop version. And another idea would be to incorporate a time tracker.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEV0QTY2blFlSHBrY1JxaU41eUYxSHlNaTRTa01JWHctakxVbnlFY041MGNYbFRLTG0wUTZAEZATNJTWVmaXRIQnNNaXAyMnJjUHJNYkduOFhsMTlUTHptSFZAYVVpyWDZAISU5r/ Jenny Woods

    I downloaded this last night and I LOVE the idea of it. However, it’s very buggy! It keeps getting stuck on the photos page and the text boxes on add accounts don’t work in dark mode. Also, my today page keeps flashing. I wish this was something I could use but the stock photos are horrible and without being able to add my own, I’m at a loss for now. I wish there was some kind of support. Is there any way to contact anyone??

    • my24me

      Thanks for the feedback. You can contact support@twentyfour.me. They will be happy to help you with any issue you are facing.

  • Robert Cumberbatch

    Hi All
    I’m new to 24ME and am on the 2 week premium trial. I have run through the installation process on my Samsung Note +, but it seems to not be able to see either my Exchange Account or my Microsoft Outlook calendar and email. I even signed in under 3 accounts as a new user, – Gmail, Exchange, Hotmail. Unfortunately the app for all 3 users just looked at my gmail calendar. Please can someone give me some help. I sent an email to support, but they didn’t read the email properly and just told me to go my iOS settings. I really want to be a fan of the App.



    • my24me

      You simply need to add all your account under the Accounts screen of the Android Settings app. Then 24me will sync with it.

      • Robert Cumberbatch

        I’m hoping 3rd time lucky on this issue. Your response shows that you have not taken the time to understand the query. Clearly the 3 accounts I refer to are already setup on my phone. The issue is that 24Me for Android is not making the link to them. Specifically my Exchange account and my hotmail account. Outlook for Android clearly sees them.
        Maybe 24Me is just an iPhone app that can’t cross platform to either Android or desktops. This App gas a lot of potential but the inability to see existing accou8 on Android mKes it a non-starter. If it can’t be resolved, then I’ll have no choice but to cancel the trial next week. Let’s hope you can step up and make me the fan I want to be.


        • my24me

          24me can sync with any account you have on your device. Might it be that the Outlook app is directly connected to your exchange and outlook accounts, and they are in fact not active accounts on your Android OS under the Settings app of your device, under the Accounts screen?
          Do you have another calendar app on your device, such as the device’s native calendar app or Google calendar? If so, do you see those missing accounts there?

    • my24me

      Hi Rob,

      24me sync with any calendar account you have under your Android device’s Settings app under the Accounts screen. Did you try to add your missing account there?

  • Madhure

    I purchased the premium subscription and I am using the app on my iPhone and iPad, using the same login but the calendar and reminders are not syncing between the devices.

    • my24me

      Hi, you need to add the same accounts on both device under iOS Settings app > Passwords & Accounts, to have your events sync.